Sam Worthington Only Wears Blue Underwear

“What are five things that we don’t know about you?” Hollywood Life asked Avatar actor Sam Worthington (somebody call the Pulitzer jury). After mentioning his favorite pizza and commenting on his television and music preferences, Worthington told the reporter that he only wears blue underwear. While there aren’t enough Sam Worthington underwear sightings to confirm or deny this bold claim, the adjacent swimsuit sighting suggests that his preference for blue is real.

But why blue underwear? What could possibly restrict Worthington’s undergarment spectrum so exactly? We came up with five theories for why Sam Worthington only wears blue underwear. Scroll down to read our guesses, but first check out the video that started the discussion. Feel free to enjoy the moment in which the reporter claims that she too likes R. Kelly’s Ignition remix. “Um, ok,” responds Worthington.

5. Sam Worthington is still proud of Avatar.

Could his blue underwear love stem from his passion for the Na’vi? That’s some dedication to the role.

4. Blue underwear matches his eyes.

Perhaps he’s preparing for the inevitable day when someone catches him with his pants down. Will the blue underwear make his eyes pop? We’ll have to wait for a Sam Worthington underwear sighting to find out.

3. Sam Worthington is afraid of spiders.

There’s an old wive’s tail that spiders get confused by the color blue. Maybe Sam just doesn’t want arachnids nesting in his undies. Can you blame the guy?

2. He wants to look slim.

Pro tip: blue things look smaller. We’re not so sure Sam should be worried about his waistline. He looks good.

1. It’s for good luck.

Everyone knows that lucky underwear can make the difference. If all of Sam Worthington’s success comes down to wearing blue underwear, we’re going to need to stock up.

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