Save Your Ass with the Croota Hipster

Croota offers a comprehensive collection of men’s underwear including the usual favorites like briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks. They manufacture something else, however, that not only sets them apart but accounts for half of their overall sales. The brand, launched in 2006, specializes in the Hipster cut, which is more or less a hybrid of both the brief and the trunk. What truly sets this style apart is the combination of the style, sewing and accents which work together to lift and separate your ass[ets].Lifestyle Croota Midpoint Hipster

Regardless of the shape or size of your body, the Croota Hipster, by nature, accentuates and lifts your rear. And, with one-of-a-kind, half-circle stitching where your cheeks meet, the Hipster separates for a defined and sexy profile. The Underwear Expert was let in on a secret from the Croota design team, by the way, which is that if you wear a size smaller than your true size, the effects of the Hipster are exaggerated. We put it to test, and believe us when we say, Croota knows what they’re talking about.

Apart from enhancing your backside, the Croota Hipster flatters in other ways, too. The shortened legs “make hips, legs and butt look better and more defined,” Croota says. They “sit on your hips below the waistline and make you look sexy,” Croota’s creative and business director told The Underwear Expert. What’s more, the Croota Hipster is  designed to perfectly hug the body–the perfect alternative to sagging underwear. “[It] fits snug under your pants and on your hips and body like a glove.”

The Hipster cut is the brand’s most popular style by far and is especially in demand in Europe and Australia, where consumers have full heartedly embraced the unique cut. Croota’s sales skew heavily towards the Hipster with “roughly 50% hipster, 30% brief and 20% swimwear” accounting for total sales. It is available in both underwear and swimwear ranges.

Curious to try out Croota’s Hispter cut? Among its many choices of Hipster styles, Croota’s Midpoint Hipster ($19.90) is one of the brand’s best sellers. Available in S-XL, the Midpoint Hipster is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and offers a sleek fit. The visual highlight of this hipster is the multi-color waistband, which is made from cotton and silver satin combined with a thick line across the middle of the band.

For more information about this brand: Croota

Photo Credit: Croota


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