Todd Sanfield Hotel Photos + Interview

We caught up with Todd Sanfield, who was recently featured in GT Magazine for an editorial by Rick Day. The Todd Sanfield hotel photos, some of which were too NSFW to post, were photographed in the Kew Motel in Queens, New York. Apparently, it’s the sort of motel you can book on an hourly basis… making it the perfect location for a risque underwear photo shoot! Sanfield is wearing selections from his own Todd Sanfield Collection, along with underwear from Rufskin and Pikante.

“It is always good working with Rick,” Sanfield said about the shoot. “His personality works well with mine and that is what you see in the pictures.”

To get to know Todd Sanfield a little better, we asked him 10 “first date” style questions. Check out the gallery below of Todd Sanfield hotel photos by Rick Day, then read our 10 questions with Todd Sanfield after the jump.

North or south? South – I love the tropical weather.

Fair or tan?  Fair – who wants skin cancer!

Intelligence or wit? Intelligence – wit gets old if you are not intelligent.

Movie in a theatre or movie on your couch? On the couch because you can pause it and take a break when who you are with wants to kiss you.

Sleep in pajamas or sleep naked? I sleep in long johns and sweats, it is the best way to burn calories while you sleep. NOT. Of course, naked!

Big spoon or little spoon? Big spoon – I moved up to the adult table a few years ago.

Water or wine?  Both, water for daily life and wine for sex.

Shower or bath? A nice bubble bath! Joke. The last time I took a legitimate bath was when I was probably four years old.

Give or receive?  I’m a lover..

Single or Taken?  You will never know.

For more information about these brands: Todd Sanfield CollectionPikanteRufskin

Photo Credit: GT Magazine, Rick Day


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