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You probably remember ArnArnaud Dehaynin Interview 4aud Dehaynin from the cover of Sensitif, an image that made the rounds on modeling and underwear blogs back in September. He’s a masculine Frenchman with more than his fair share of chest hair and reddish stubble. Because he’s so new to the modeling scene (not for his lack of trying), there just isn’t all that much [reliable] information about Dehaynin. So! We got in touch with the handsome model to unravel a few of the mysteries surrounding him.

It turns out that Dehaynin isn’t just a handsome face, he’s also a nice guy. The model was kind enough to answer a few questions about his past, his modeling experiences and his future plans in our exclusive Arnaud Dehaynin interview.

The Underwear Expert: Thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions. Did you grow up in Paris?

Arnaud Dehaynin: So, I was born in Paris in 1984, grew up in Paris then moved to Ireland when I was 20 (I wanted to learn English and do something fun with a few friends.) Then I came back to Paris after three years there. That was a great experience. Now, when I have time off, I travel to America and would actually love to move there!

The Underwear Expert: How did you start modeling? Did you actively pursue gigs or did you just sort of fall into it?

Arnaud Dehaynin: It’s funny because I tried when I was 16 or 17 but they would always say that I was too young! Then, when I was in Ireland, I was working in a bar and two different agencies asked me to work for them. Then, when I came back to Paris, I tried to find an agency but they said they were looking for younger guys. I was 23! I managed a bar for five years and that took me a lot of time so I never really tried again–then, a friend of mine who works for Sensitif, asked me if I wanted to do the cover of it and I said yes. Since then I’ve been asked to do a few jobs and photo shoots.

The Underwear Expert: Your editorial for Sensitif has been a huge hit on many male model blogs. Is it strange to you to suddenly get this recognition?

Arnaud Dehaynin: I found it funny to get texts from friends around the world saying they just saw my pictures. From Australia to America, China and Italy or Spain, I got to talk to friends that I haven’t talked to in a long time because of those pictures.

In addition to this exclusive Arnaud Dehaynin interview, we’ve collected the images from his fall Sensitif photo shoot. Check the photos out below, and hear what Arnaud has to say about his hairy chest after the jump!


The Underwear Expert: Many of your fans appreciate that your chest is unshaven in your photos. Would you ever do a shoot clean-shaven?

Arnaud Dehaynin: I love to change my look. I shave then let it grow, and it’s true that people like it better with my hairy chest! So yeah, I would do a shoot clean-shaven, too.

The Underwear Expert: You’re obviously a fit guy. What do you do to stay in such good shape?

Arnaud Dehaynin: Well I’ve played many different sports like football, tennis, surfing, snowboarding–it’s my passion–and I’ve been going to the gym a lot too. No miracles: gym and good food!

The Underwear Expert: What style of underwear do you like?

Arnaud Dehaynin: I’d say briefs! The smaller ones are better.

The Underwear Expert: Are there any brands you’d love to model?

Arnaud Dehaynin: I would love to model for Calvin Klein or Armani. They’re my favorite!

The Underwear Expert: Besides getting your visa, what goals do you have for the next few years? What do you see as the next step?

Arnaud Dehaynin: I want to do more modeling jobs and maybe start on TV. I’ve been asked to do a few interesting things, so we ll see, but I’m really trying to focus on my visa!

The Underwear Expert: Do you have any advice for readers who are interested in being a model?

Arnaud Dehaynin: I would say: never give up! If you get negative answers, it’s maybe not your time, but it will come!

Photo credit: Sensitif


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  1. TrojanHorse says:

    Whoever did the interview could’ve done a far better job.

    Mister dreaming of making it in the States is already in LA…with his daddy boyfriend (leatherface), yet another one going down that path. For a sweet looking guy, let’s hope he adds an education to those looks and doesn’t end up a screwed over in some form or another.

    Break the cycle boys, respect yourself.

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