10 Hot Cheyenne Jackson Photos

Cheyenne Jackson’s recent stint on Broadway may not have lasted very long (The Performers, a play based around the adult entertainment industry, closed within its first week) but that doesn’t mean he’s any less attractive! We’ve compiled our 10 hottest Cheyenne Jackson photos in celebration of the actor’s.. er.. flop. As you’ll see in the pictures below, Broadway casting agents clearly made a great choice, even if the producer’s didn’t pick a great script. The actor, who is no stranger to modeling in his underwear, has starred in musicals such as “Xanadu,” “All Shook Up,” and the television show “30 Rock,” was even naked in the play. And it STILL closed.

“I don’t have any bread. I’ve given up sugar. I don’t eat dairy. And I haven’t had a drink in four months,” Cheyenne said of his fitness regime necessary to keep up his bod for the show. As we’re sure you could tell from the Cheyenne Jackson photos, he also has a personal trainer and works out 6 days a week.

The Performers, “a non-musical play written by David West Read, [was] a romantic comedy about ‘life and love in the adult entertainment industry.” And what could be more captivating than that? Everything else, apparently.

Check out these 10 hot Cheyenne Jackson photos, many of which are of him in his underwear, below and if you missed The Performers in the theatre, you could always hold out for a touring production..?

Photo Credit: TheCraptacular


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