Regal New Amat Photos

Thai brand Amat is known for its silky soft and smooth Tactel fiber which the brand most recently used in its Sunkiss Collection. Now the brand is back in the spotlight after Glow Magazine debuted these regal new Amat photos. Staring the 21 year old Justin Augustin, the series follows the model through a ritzy hotel decorated in classic Eastern style.

Augustin is half-Filippino and is currently living and working as a model in Bangkok. He wears various Amat underwear including the Milan Brief, Second Line Brief (shown in red and blue), the Tactel Orange, the Cotton – Copper Bikini (white), the Tactel Gray and the C-Skin Brief.

The brand is named after Amat, the Thai photographer, who brought his 25 years of experience in the fashion industry and knowledge of aesthetics to underwear design.

The Glow Magazine series features some of the most interesting images of Amat underwear that we’ve yet seen. With Justin Augustin’s excellent work as the man in the new Amat photos, the brand will hopefully receive some long deserved attention from the Western world.

Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think of Justin Augustin and Amat underwear.

For more information about this brand: AMAT

Photo Credit: Glow Magazine



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