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Two years ago, Jeremy Brink packed up his bags and mJeremy Brink Interview 4oved to Australia on a whim. Since then he’s been on the cover of DNA Magazine, established himself as a force in the modeling industry and was seen in some of the newest AussieBum wrestleMe campaigns. He has even opened up his own GNC Livewell in Sydney! Jeremy is the sort of guy who gets things done and doesn’t mind rolling the dice once in a while.

The Underwear Expert had a talk with Jeremy about his time in the modeling world and his work for AussieBum. The 6’0″ model obviously has a great body, so we made sure to ask him for some workout tips as well. Check out the exclusive Jeremy Brink interview below and let us know what you think of the wrestleMe campaign.

The Underwear Expert: You’re in the latest aussieBum wrestleMe campaign. Have you ever wrestled before?

Jeremy: Never in an actual ring with referees etc…but whenever the boys get together on the beach we seem to always have a game of ‘king of the sand’ …which is pretty intense wrestling!

The Underwear ExpertAre you a fan of singlets? Was it your first time wearing one?

Jeremy:  It was my first time wearing the onesie, yes. But I wear singlets all summer long and in the gym..they just aren’t usually that tight!

The Underwear ExpertAnd what did you think of the aussieBum swim singlet? Did it wear well?

Jeremy: I gotta admit I was a tad bit confused when Sean chucked the wrestle suit at me for the first time, but once we got them on it was actually alot of fun.

The Underwear ExpertWhat’s your go-to pair of underwear? Why?

Jeremy: aussieBum Journey..they’re just the most comfortable pair I’ve ever soft!!

The Underwear Expert: Have you ever noticed a markable difference between American underwear and Australian underwear?

Jeremy: Hmm that’s a tough one, I dont really know much about American undies! Australian ones seem a bit more fun-brighter colors and designs.

The Underwear Expert: What’s your favorite Australian brand?

Jeremy:  aussieBum, of course!

The UnJeremy Brink Interview 2derwear Expert: And American?

Jeremy: Always been a fan of the classic CK to be honest.

The Underwear Expert: Have you tried the aussieBum PocketJockit? What are three things you’d conceivably put in there?

Jeremy: The pocket jockit was actually my first shoot with aussiebum…it was alot of fun. We had candy snakes, mobile phones, mini bottles of vodka…you name it! I’ll usually put a housekey in the pocket when I go for a run outside…just one though, a full key ring isn’t good for anyone down there!!

The Underwear ExpertWhat are some work-out and lifestyle tips you could bestow to our readers?

Jeremy: Best advice I could give in terms of working out: always bring the highest intensity to the gym. If you don’t, there’s really no point in being there and doing a half-assed workout. Go home and come back when you’re ready to bring it.

The Underwear ExpertHow did you get started modeling, Jeremy?

Jeremy: I was working at a mate’s health food shop when John from aussieBum came in to buy some protein. We got to talking and he offered me my first gig. After that, I signed with Australian agency Chadwick and went from there.

The Underwear Expert: What’s your most notable modeling experience?

Jeremy: I was in Las Vegas this past July for a guys holiday when I had to fly back to Sydney to shoot the Yd campaign. It was a 12 hour shoot in a nightclub. Then, the next morning I flew back to Vegas and picked up where I left off!

The Underwear Expert: When you’re not modeling, you’re..?

Jeremy: I just opened up a GNC Livewell in Sydney with a friend, so most of my time is spent there at the moment. I do always find time for the gym, beach and a few beers once in a while, though!

The Underwear ExpertAny expert words to live by?

Jeremy: Well coming from a guy that came to Australia (I grew up in Canada) on a whim 2 years ago and everything has worked out great since, I would say, “Risks aren’t that scary once you take them!”

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