The First Male Model on The Price is Right

Like most people, you probably watched The Price is Right when you were staying home from school sick. It’s a comforting show thanks to its familiarity and how easy it is to play along (just bid $0!). Whether you’re a Bob Barker fan or a Drew Carrey devotee, the look is always the same–ecstatic contestants, goofy games and attractive models. The only problem as far as we can tell is that all the models were women! Good news: the barrier has been broken. Rob Wilson is the first male model on The Price is Right.

After getting his start in underwear modeling, Wilson won a nationwide search for a one-week trial run on The Price is Right. His talents extend beyond modeling. It turns out that Wilson is quite the athlete, and in his free time, he enjoys basketball, football and hiking. The results of his physical exertion are clearly evident in his chiseled abs and toned pecs. We couldn’t ask for a better model to break through the show’s gender barrier.

Being the first male model on The Price is Right is certainly an honor, and we hope it’s the beginning of an exciting new trend for the classic game show. Don’t you think it’s time they shake things up a bit?

Check out some of Rob Wilson’s older work below. He’s wearing Andrew Christian for photographer Scott Hoover.

Photo Credit: CBS, Scott Hoover


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