BTS with Colby Melvin for The Underwear Expert

Colby Melvin for The Underwear Expert Image

It’s an exciting week here at The Underwear Expert, and we’ve got a lot of great stuff coming your way. To give you a little taste of the goods, we’re letting you in on a sneak peek, behind the scenes glimpse of the new Colby Melvin for The Underwear Expert photos. The southern beau himself, Colby Melvin, flew all the way from Hollywood to New York City to star in some great new features just for our readers.

In the behind the scenes shots below, you can see Colby posing with drag queen Rhea Litre in a cushy bed at The Out NYC hotel and on the streets of New York. As a guest in our city, we just had to show Colby around Central Park and Times Square. We couldn’t let our model get hungry, so we bought him a classic New York City hot dog. Throughout the photos, Colby wears several pairs of Andrew Christian underwear.

This is not the first time we’ve gotten an exclusive shoot of Colby Melvin for The Underwear Expert. You might remember the recent series from photographer Gabriel Gastelum in which Colby Melvin and Cory Frederick got splattered with paint.

Check out this sneak peek and don’t forget to keep an eye out for more exclusive Colby Melvin for The Underwear Expert photo shoots coming your way.


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