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Urban Active mens underwear, the underwear brand that recently updated Prince Harry’s underwear drawer, recently put the British Armed Force’s [and some civilian’s] street smarts to good use. The brand, which regularly tests its underwear out on members of the BAF, recently recruited two servicemen and three of their civilian friends from the local gym to take to the streets of Liverpool wearing nothing but, you guessed it, Urban Active mens underwear (specially, they were wearing Urban Active mens underwear Pro Stretch trunks.)

“The mates are really into keeping their bodies highly tuned,” Alan Hayes, co-founder of Urban Active mens underwear, told The Underwear Expert. “They lead healthy lives, they have a healthier outlook on life and they represent a lot of good things about society,” which is exactly why the British brand uses them to advertise their wares. Photographed by Liverpool local photographers Louise Lowe and Brian Roberts, the photos below make a pretty strong case for using military personal, British or otherwise, as underwear models. Check out the Urban Active mens underwear photographs below [plus some bonus behind the scenes shots] and read more about the models after the jump!

Of the shoot, Hayes told The Underwear Expert, “They were a bit nervous at first because of the public being there but the more people that came out the more confident they became. It was amazing, they were perfect to work with.” The fit men, all in their early twenties, were a huge hit; tourists and locals alike were literally “stopped in their tracks,” Hayes says, which is why this definitely won’t be the last collaboration with men from the BAF. “Our mates are going to hook up with US Delta Forces for a photo shoot because they all know each other from Afghanistan,” Hayes continues.

Recruiting the servicemen initially was somewhat of a happy accident, Hayes informs. When preparing for a fashion show at St. George’s Hall six months ago, they were having trouble securing and paying for models. “We couldn’t get any models so we contacted a friend who used to work in Special Forces; he called up Prince Harry’s mate and the next thing we knew, six hours later we had five or six healthy, fit looking lads,” which sparked an ongoing relationship with the British military and Urban Active mens underwear.

Urban Active mens underwear is looking to round out their women’s offerings in the near future, and will be releasing a mens microfiber and modal blend t-shirt, which is currently being sampled by members of the British Armed Forces. Urban Active mens underwear also supports a small English-based charity that encourages young people to “Get Urban and Get Active.”

For more information about this brand: Urban Active


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