TREND REPORT: Denim Underwear

In men’s ready to wear apparel last season, we saw an influx of  apparel infused with denim either full-out head to toe or accents. We mostly saw lighter blues, subtle whiskering and stone washed finishes. Calvin Klein Collection, for example, embraced denim by taking a classic denim jacket and pair of jeans last season and updated them with a stone wash that’s slightly darker than the wash that dominated the 90s. British shoe maker Grenson did the same and infused a denim accent into their shoes: they updated their classic brogues with a denim panel in the center; the touch of denim in the shoes gives these otherwise conservative shoes a youthful kick.

Now, after denim hit the runway last season, denim underwear is now slowly hitting shelves allowing you to get in on the fun. Check out three of our favorite denim underwear samplings available now below. Do you think we’ll be seeing more denim underwear in the future?

Diesel Under Denim

Diesel, the king of high end jeans, has taken its iconic denim down below the belt with the Under Denim collection of cotton mens underwear dyed and finished to look like actual denim. Diesel Under Denim comes in several shades, from the basic blue jeans to black to even a few brightly colored varieties (it doesn’t get more 90s than that!)
Available in brief and boxer brief; $25-$29

Sly Blue Denim Boxer Brief

Sly, a mens underwear brand fresh from the fashionable Australian Gold Coast, has created the Sly Blue Denim Boxer Brief that mimics a pair of cut-offs, pockets and all. The design has been screen printed onto the fabric for a very authentic look. The only giveaway is the added right exit underwear fly, imposed next to the faux jeans fly. They have WhiteDenim available as well.
Available in boxer brief only; $24

Modus Vivendi Denim Underwear

Modus Vivendi, a Greek mens underwear brand, has taken the more, shall we say, European approach to denim underwear and gone the sexy route.  They’re made from an elastane viscose fabric that’s super soft and weathered to look like your favorite pair of old blues. Available in Black Denim as well.
Available in brief, jockstrap and boxer brief; $30 – $32.90 €

Modus Vivendi Denim Underwear

 For more information on these brands: DieselModus VivendiSly.




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