[VIDEO] Andrew Christian Gets Wet

Andrew Christian Underwear Slippery When Wet

Solidifying the fact that Andrew Christian underwear model’s just plain have more fun than everybody else, the Los Angeles based brand has released a new video, “Slippery When Wet”–and this isn’t the type of wet the boys get in “Lick,” either, another Andrew Christian underwear video favorite.

In “Slippery When Wet,” Andrew Christian underwear models Nikko Sky, Cameron Marshall, and Vladimir Shmygol sneak into a house in the Hollywood Hills to go swimming. Spoiler Alert: “Yes, that is Andrew’s real house,” a rep. from the brand told The Underwear Expert. Andrew Christian adds, “The location of my new home was perfect for our new video. It was all just meant to be light-hearted and fun and we are glad everyone loves it!” The boys break in to the home, frolic in Andrew Christian’s pool, a water wonderland of bubbles, waves, wedgies and underwear three-way kisses, and eventually get caught by Andrew Christian himself. The boys ditch their Fuschia Almost Naked Briefs with anatomically correct pouches, and run for the hill–literally, they run pretty much straight through the Hollywood hills to the iconic Hollywood sign–naked, using only their underwear to cover themselves up.

The Almost Naked Briefs, by they way, also come in black, white, navy, red, royal and teal and retail for $20 (you can read more about the Andrew Christian underwear Almost Naked Brief design here).Watch the video below; would you go swimming with these boys?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkzdrx72s0Y&w=630&h=315]

For more information about the brand: Andrew Christian Underwear


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