Colby Melvin Strips Down

Ok, ok, we may have exaggerated the headline, but in a sense, Colby Melvin does strip down in these photos from Gabriel Gastelum. The now well-known (as of only a few weeks ago) Andrew Christian model sheds his bubbly persona and serves up drama and allure in this series of both black and white and color stills. The color photos, buythe way, are new to the web–enjoy!

“Working with Colby was awesome. He is nice and a complete gentlemen,” Gastelum told The Underwear Expert. “He was up for anything and is a great sport. Definitely a model photographers would love to work with.” He continued, “He is incredibly humble and is completely comfortable with who he is and stands by his principles,” which we know from the exclusive interview we had with him (visit: Colby Melvin: Up Close and Personal).

In the above mentioned interview, Colby told us about his recent move to Los Angeles from Texas. Of the photo of Colby on the beach, Gastelum said: “It was his first time touching the pacific ocean during our shoot. His face when he realized how cold it is was pretty priceless.” We can only imagine!

Which photo of Colby Melvin is your favorite??


For more information about this brand: Andrew Christian 



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