Colby Melvin: A Day in the Life

24 Hours in PUMP!

Imagine this: a 24-year-old Southern boy picks up and moves to Los Angeles to suddenly find himself go-go dancing and modeling for Andrew Christian–for him, a dream come true. He’s finally got the world at his fingers and everything figured out (except the difference between shaving, waxing and veeting).

For the day he shot the latest Andrew Christian video–“A Brief Romance”–also featuring Pablo Hernandez and Cameron Marshall (not pictured), Colby kept a pad of paper and pen tucked between his cheeks from the second he woke to the moment he called it a night. He jotted down notes throughout the day to give us insight into his new life as an Andrew Christian underwear model. The result: a revealing portrait of a guy that’s setting out on the adventure of a life time–in his underwear. Catch up with Colby after the jump and check out some snazzy behind the scenes photos of Colby and Pablo when Colby hits the sack!

7:00 am I wake up and then check e-mail, Facebook, and twitter on my iMac. I spoon alone in bed and contemplate the differences between shaving, waxing, and veeting your ass.

8:27 am An hour and a half later, I’m finally out of bed. Blah. I brush my teeth and get dressed for the gym while continuing the conversation about waxing with my roommate. He thinks it’s a bad idea because I’ll get bumps, so I Google the side effects of waxing. Maybe I should consider threading?

9:11 am Make it to Starbucks before my friend I’m meeting, bam! Need coffee stat—I’m still half asleep. Quad venti iced caramel latte, YES, PLEASE.

9:18 am I’m awkwardly watching the man next to me pluck his eyebrows while reading a textbook–it’s a subject I can’t even pronounce. Whatever it is, though, this guy is real weird.

9:50 am Realize the reason my friend hasn’t shown up is because I’m at the wrong Starbucks. Meet-up cancelled. They really are on every corner..

10:00 am I stop by the bank to deposit money from dancing the night before on my way to stop by work to fill out paperwork. Next stop: Gym! Gotta get a quick pump before the Andrew Christian shoot.

11:10 am Walking back to my apartment I catch myself dancing and singing while waiting to cross the street. I call it the Katy Perry effect.

11:49 am I think I’ll walk over to see how the shoot’s going at the Andrew Christian store. Turns out one of the models—who we won’t name—didn’t show up! Cameron Marshall, an Andrew Christian model from “Locker Room Payback,” was walking by and could fill in, luckily. Hip hip.

11:57 am Just met the new model Pablo Hernandez. Super sweet, but does he know what he’s about to get himself into?!! Let’s hope so 😉

Find out what Colby did for the rest of his day (spoiler alert: there’s an ass wax wit Robby LaRiviere) after the jump!

12:30 pm Not in this scene but it’s hysterical to watch! Lots of shirt ripping, flirting with underwear, boys in underwear etc. Just a typical Thursday in LA.

12:55 pm We finish up and move to the next location before heading to an apartment for our last scene—it just happens to be a Yogurt Stop and I definitely haven’t had breakfast this morning. Sample, please!

1:59 pm The crew is doing test shots to check lighting. I can’t help but watch Pablo have pretend sex with his underwear. They even put a cigarette in the underwear’s “mouth” after the pretend sex scene. Hilarious.

2:27 pm It’s my turn!! I lay in bed naked and serve my “Wanna do it?” face to a pair of underwear with googly eyes. Definitely something to check off my bucket list. How exactly do you talk dirty to a pair of underwear, anyways?

2:47 pm We take more product shots of the new Andrew Christian Color Vibe Brief and the Vivid Fuse Brief and are finished shooting! I’m gonna head back over to the Andrew Christian store to finish shopping before getting some dinner. Sushi?

3:40 pm Walking home I pass by Meridian Spa and decide to get a much-deserved massage. Being an underwear model is hard work!! I discover they do ass waxing. A sign? Sure. One ass waxing, please.

4:15 pm So I go in for my first-ever ass wax after my massage and see Robby LaRiviere walk in out of the corner of my eye. Not only do I recognize him from Tabitha’s Salon Takeover, but also from another event that we both worked for Andrew Christian. We discover this and quickly re-bond before he comes in to rip a strip of wax of my ass. That’s what friends are for right, ya’ll?

4:40 pm Finally home! I hop in the shower—my ass feels real funny—before jumping into clothes and getting back to answering emails, phone calls, Facebook posts, twitter, etc. in bed. A nap might follow..

7:30 pm Doorbell rings, wakes me up. I get dressed and open the door. My friend that’s a member of several LGBT non-profit groups and I have a meeting about potential projects we can collaborate on—we come up with some great ideas and schedule a photo shoot for next week!

9:10 pm Time to get dressed for the nights festivities. It’s Brad Hammer’s birthday! He’s the Global Brand Manager for Andrew Christian.

11:20 pm I finally get to The Abbey. Lots of “Cheers!” and “Happy Birthday!” and “Hey, girl!” Tons of drinking, laughing, and an amazing performance by Rhea Litre’ which included her dumping our table’s bucket of ice over her head. Lol.

2:00 am Fun party, but now we’re really hungry! Good thing there’s a 24-hour grocery store across the street. We spend way too much money for our “healthy” late night snack. Potato skins, whole chicken, Doritos, Diet Coke, Coconut water…

2:37 am Finally home and am gonna chow down! I’m super exhausted and ready for bed. Munch munch, strip down, hop into the sack. Today really wasn’t all that bad for a Thursday. Next stop, weekend!

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  1. John says:

    Colby, first saw you in Andrew Christian’s video Jock Strap Cowboys. You look really hot in the boots and driving the tractor!

    Was it in the script for you and Brandon to been kissing all the time, or did you just click?

    Thanks for looking so hot!

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