Coitus Magazine’s Men in Underwear

The Coitus magazine team has struck gold again. With the release of there 5th issue, they concrete their place as one of the ultimate resources for attractive men in underwear. Coitus aims to bring together “fashion, youth, and a unique perception” which steps back “from the strict boundaries of haute couture photography whilst bringing the interest and personality of new design talent into one entity,” according to Coitus magazine.

Coitus magazine delivers “fresh young faces showcased in conjunction with intrinsic illustration designed to create a harmony between the reader and the page.” Their most recent issue is solid proof that they’re able to forge a distinct relationship between their product [ie: men in underwear] and their readers: The images are authentic and raw, framing a captivating look at youth culture infused with fashion and edge.

The first four issues of Coitus magazine showcase a pretty ridiculous list of “it” model men in underwear, most notably River Viiperi, who graced Coitus‘s first cover. Their 5th issue is no different. The recently released magazine features a handful of “it” models alongside new-comers wearing Jockey underwear and various brand’s speedos–over 25 guys in all strip down.

Issue 5 of Coitus magainze features a heap of good-looking men in underwear shot by photographers including Rick Day. “American Boy” the current issue, is now available for $10. Below is a sample of the images in issue 5 of Coitus magazine–which of these men in underwear is your favorite?

For more information about this brand: Jockey

Photo Credit: Coitus Magazine Issue #5


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