Twilight Star Wins Underwear Race

Twilight star Charlie Bewley stumbled on an underwear run this past weekend, and won. No word yet on whether or not he used super-human powers to beat out the 1,035 other runners that ran the seventh annual, 10 kilometer Underwear Affair in Vancouver, B.C.

“I just rolled up about half and hour before we started with my two bags ready for L.A.,” Bewley said. “I just pulled out my training gear and checked my luggage.” And his clothing, too, apparently. The annual run encourages runners to run in their underwear; Bewley obliged. He wore a striped orange and black Londsdale brief which he has said he will auction off on Twitter to raise money for the cause.

“As soon as you get permission to run in your undies, it’s very liberating,” Bewley said. “They’re surprisingly easy to run in.”

Organized by the B.C. Cancer Foundation, the Underwear Affair raises money for cancer below the waist, which the B.C. Cancer Foundation says accounts for nearly half of all newly diagnosed cancer causes in the Canadian province. This year, the run raised $633,000.

For more information on this brand: Lonsdale



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