boyRio Xtreme Low Cut Brief

The Collection: 
NAME: boyRio Xtreme Low Cut Brief
COLORS: White, Black, Blue

The Man
WAIST:  32″
WORN: Medium boyRio Xtreme Low Cut Brief – Blue

The Basics:
STYLE: Low-rise Brief
RISE: Low-rise
FUNCTION: Swimwear, Fun, Casual
FIT: True to size
FABRIC:  95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

The Look: Sporty, Light, Bold

The Design: The boyRio Xtreme Low Cut Briefs aren’t kidding around. They are LOW CUT. With a band that doesn’t rise far above crotch level, these briefs are ideal underpants to give the illusion that you’re not wearing anything down below. With pants removed, these underwear have a bold and playful appearance. The minimal rise results in a look that reveals a long stretch of ab and torso, teasing and just covering the goods below. It’s not a bad look, and certainly one that will turn some heads.

The Fit: Did we mention that these briefs are low? The compulsion upon first putting on the pair is to pull them higher, until you realize just how low they are designed to rest on your hips. Once that’s settled, they’re comfortable as can be. The waistband of the pair seems all traditional brief, while the rest feels like swimwear. It’s a nice combination.

Construction: The stitching on these briefs is pretty great, and the elastic band is sewn perfectly on. The 5% spandex allows the pair to contour wherever needed, and seems to cater to just about any shape. The only downside we can find here is the tag. Made of a long starchy fabric, there’s no mistaking it’s presence on the back of the underwear. For a pair that are so sleek and form-fitting, the tag is a real setback.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: These underwear are a great choice if wanting to look like you’re wearing nothing at all, or are in the game to turn some heads. When the time comes to disrobe, you’re bound to impress.


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