Bluebuck: Underwear for the Rugged Man

Started in 2010 by Pierre David, Bluebuck’s minimalism is different from many modern underwear companies. With three colors, and three styles to choose from, Bluebuck has focused on doing what they do extraordinarily well, and not expanding just for the sake of it: this attitude towards honest simplicity might come as a breath of fresh air in an industry catering to the “hot new item” minded consumer.

Bluebuck has a specific audience, too. It’s made for a specific type of man – men who love being men. You know, the kind of men who climb mountains, chop down trees, or swim in rivers. “Our underwear is about having an adventure, having fun, and not being overly concerned with the perfect body image,” Bluebuck UK Rep, Kevin Cheesman told the Underwear Expert.  It’s no surprise then that the brand’s underwear is fashioned in just this sort of rugged, no-nonsense manner.

In keeping with a streamlined product, and a rugged, outdoorsy consumer, Bluebuck makes a point of being eco-conscious, too. They’re committed to high environmental standards for their company and use only organic cotton, and they source that from farms in Portugal where at least 40% of the energy is powered from renewable resources. In addition, Bluebuck has a strong commitment to eliminating long supply lines, and lower transit pollution of their product.

“Where other brands in the UK, US, and Australia all source from China, we source from Portugal,” Cheesman stated. “We want to avoid far-flung chains of transportation.” It’s an admirable goal, and one that the company has built it’s entire business model around. So far, the response to this has been positive: “There’s definitely an audience for it,” says Cheesman.

“Our underwear is about having an adventure, having fun, and not being overly concerned with the perfect body image.” In the future, the brand plans to experiment slowly with introducing some new colors, while focusing on continuing their high level of quality.

We were privy to info that Bluebuck will be making a big endorsement announcement very soon, so stay tuned to The Underwear Expert for more information on this admirable, manly brand. And, in the meantime, check out these great photos of Andrew Ramming wearing Bluebuck shot in gorgeous Scotland.

For more information on this brand: Bluebuck


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  1. RSN71 says:

    I have ordered from twice in the past 2 months and both times my order is not processed until I contact them via email (usually 3 days after the order was placed on their website). The first order was not what I ordered, luckily after 4 or 5 days of emails they did send me the correct order. Be careful ordering from – their communication and processing leaves a LOT to be desired. 🙁 Their underwear is great, yes, but the company doesn’t have their order process down yet.

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