Bjorn Borg Sunrise Stripe Short Shorts

The Collection: 
NAME: Björn Borg Sunrise Stripe Short Shorts
BOTTOMS: Boxer-Briefs
COLORS: Black, Blue, Green, Purple

The Man
WAIST: 32″
WORN: Björn Borg Blue Sunrise Stripe Short Shorts

The Basics:
STYLE: Boxer-Brief
FUNCTION: Relaxing, Everyday, Going-out
FIT: True to size.
FABRIC: 95% Cotton, 5% elastane

The Look: Bold, Playful, Youthful.

The Design: With its bold horizontal stripes, the Björn Borg Sunrise Stripe Short Shorts exude a playful, youthful attitude. The stripes contour well around the backside and front, and really highlight the goods in a flattering way. These boxer-briefs seem tailor-made for lounging around a summer afternoon. Blue and white stripes cascade down the leg and make for a truly nautical feel, while the white Björn Borg logo jumps off the waistband.

The Fit: These Björn Borg Boxer Briefs were comfortable, and we certainly wouldn’t be opposed to spending an entire day lying in them. While they’re not as soft to the touch as say, modal, or a pima cotton, they are still adequate and unobtrusive and most definitely will soften with washing. The only caveat to this underwear would be the textured band: labeled with a raised embroidered brand tag, the band just isn’t as comfortable as we’d like.

The Construction: These boxer-briefs feel solid, and could definitely take some roughing up. The sewing is well-done across the underwear’s entirety, and we couldn’t find a weak point its quality. The inclusion of three very large labels on the inner back of the boxer-briefs was a poor choice, we feel… especially when the largest of them is reserved for just for the Björn Borg logo… the same logo that’s all over the waistband.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: The Björn Borg Sunrise Stripe Short Shorts are a solid, reliable, pair of underwear. They’re nice for lounging around in, and will last the test of time. There are a few missteps along the way, but in the end, they’re still a safe bet.

For more information on this brand: Bjorn Borg


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