A New Era for Men’s Underwear?

The New York Times, never one to miss a fashion trend, has just filed a report on the state of men’s underwear. In it, journalist Eric Wilson briefly surveys the terrain and draws this conclusion:

“The introduction last month of a high-tech design from Sweden that costs $100 a pair, one that requires special care in cleaning, suggests that men are embarking on a new relationship with their briefs. That is, they can now expect to be as confounded by the options before them as any woman shopping at Victoria’s Secret.”

While it is true that the $100 Frigo underwear seems to represent a milestone in men’s underwear — we’ve written on it elsewhere — it is still unclear whether or not men will be confounded by their new options or if they’ll embrace more fashion conscious underwear as it becomes more and more a natural component of a day’s outfit.

Either way sales are increasing, so maybe we’ll keep quiet and way and see. Sales increased by 7 percent to $3.3 billion last year, according to the NPD Group, a rise that some retailers attribute to the higher prices of fashion styles.

How much would you spend on one pair of underwear?



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