Calvin Klein Steel Microfiber Low-Rise Trunk

The Pair: Calvin Klein Steel Microfiber Low-Rise Trunk
Color: Orange Sorbet

The Man
WORN: Microfiber Low-Rise Trunk

The Basics:
STYLE: Trunk
RISE: Low-Rise
FUNCTION: Everyday, Going Out, Dress-up
FIT: True to size
RETAIL: $30.00
FABRIC:  89% Nylon, 11% Elastane

The Look:  Classy, Vibrant, Attractive.

The Design: Calvin Klein is an iconic and recognizable brand, and with underwear like this, it’s obvious why. The color of this trunk screams high fashion and is perfect for the rest of this spring and this summer. The orange sorbet trunk is capped by a shimmery, silver waistband about an inch and a half tall making it a great pair to plan on showing off above the waistline of your pants. The logo, also in orange sorbet, is intentionally printed larger than the waistband and to seems to float right over the top of the band; it’s a great effect. The cut of this trunk is perfectly proportioned to the waistband, too, and sits within the boundaries set by thick piping, also in orange sorbet. This trunk is simple, and in it’s simplicity, is classy through and through.

The Fit:  Calvin Klein has been at this for years and their experience shows–this is a very comfortable pair of underwear. The trunk is tight enough to show your figure, and comfortable enough that you won’t be readjusting all day-long. The strong waistband emphasizes the square shape of the trunk and sits evenly on the waist. The cup-like, no fly pouch gives plenty of room without adding extra bulge and is perhaps the winning asset of this pair.

The Construction: Again, Calvin Klein’s experience as an underwear producer shines in the trunk’s near-perfect construction. There are no loose seams–not one–and stitching is tight and close together. The thread sewn into the legs, the pouch, and the seam down the back is slightly elastic to fit the form of the body. As we’d expect from a pair of underwear this close to perfection, the tag is printed on the inside of the waistband. The microfiber fabric is soft and almost velvety, too, for an ultra soft and comfortable wear.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: A perfect pair of underwear. It’s no secret that Calvin Klein is responsible for some well-made underwear, but it’s refreshing to see the brand staying true to the design formulas that made it an underwear staple so many years ago. The Steel Microfiber Trunk is for the man who wants to show off the iconic logo and enjoys the classic, sexy shape of a trunk. The fresh, summer colors are equally fun and classy. Calvin Klein Steel Microfiber presents a winning formula in underwear design.


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