White House Wants More American Hands on Your Underwear

US trade officials are pushing a Made in America campaign and calling out the fashion industry in hopes of bringing more manufacturing jobs stateside.

On a Monday visit to Los Angeles, Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Demetrio Marantis toured apparel manufacturing facilities and held meetings with fashion executives to discuss issues ranging from trade to manufacturing.

As part of President Obama’s initiative to boost domestic manufacturing, the Commerce Department is focusing on the fashion industry in particular to burnishing the Made in America brand. The Commerce Office of Textiles & Apparel calculated that US apparel and textile exports grew 13.7% to $22.4 billion in 2011 from 2010, but presumably we could still be doing better.

The past few decades have seen factories migrate overseas as free trade agreements open manufacturers to much cheaper labor markets. While that may help grow profits, it doesn’t square with the Commerce Department’s goals of doubling exports of American-made goods by 2014.

Representative Marantis didn’t have to stop and meet with the men’s underwear industry heads, however, because it’s already got a pretty strong showing in the Made in America category. You might be surprised at how many fan favorites are produced in the States:  Andrew Christian, Freedom Reigns and Active Man to begin with, but Timoteo and Go Softwear as well.

Nevertheless, it couldn’t hurt to have a few more American hands make a few more American brands.

Image: Slick It Up


0 thoughts on “White House Wants More American Hands on Your Underwear

  1. mike says:

    Andrew Christian used to be made in the USA but now that they’re big they are made in China. I bought some last month and they say made in China. I contacted Andrew Christian and asked if they were real and they told me they do make it in China.

    • David Builta says:

      Sad that due to growth moved production to China. Greed is BIG part of situation as can produce at much lower cost in China also the production facilities for such mass production. To keep up with China U.S.A. must learn. I still love Andrew Christian products. Great design and comfort.

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