REVIEW: Pikante Gum Cheeky Boxer

The Collection:
NAME: 8360 Gum Cheeky Boxer
COLORS: Blue/Yellow stripes

The Man
WAIST: 30″
WORN: Small 8360 Gum Cheeky Boxer

The Basics:
STYLE: Square Cut Brief
FUNCTION: Everyday, Relaxing, Going Out
FIT: True to Size
FABRIC:  65% polyester, 30% cotton, 5% elastane

The Look: Childlike — cute but fun. The horizontal stripes meet at a seam in along the front and dip down, contributing a visual effect that makes that area seem to stick out more than it is. The bright blue on the waist and leg bands is a really fun color, and the contrasting yellow, thankfully, isn’t quite as neon as the blue. The stripes don’t jar the eye as much as you might think, because of the well-chosen color. The side seams, where the front and back panels were sewn together, were a nice retro touch as well.

The Fit: Snug, verging on tight. The waistband left no mark, but the absence of a separately-constructed pouch ultimately had me packed tightly in there. The seat fit quite nicely, but in the front — where it matters — this snugness wasn’t comfortable. We weren’t writhing in pain or readjusting constantly, but we couldn’t put this pair on if we knew we had to keep them on for long periods of time.

The Construction: Good materials and high-quality stitching should add up to a great pair of underwear. However, the design of the pouch is a real sticking point. There’s no good place for your package to go! There are a few ways that this could have been avoided, all occurring during the design and construction process, but Pikante apparently decided to gamble that it would be fine. It wasn’t.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: Almost a fine pair of underwear. The idea that you could construct a tight square-cut boxer with no pouch at all is an audacious one, and one which Pikante just barely misses pulling off. With a little more thought — maybe one extra seam along the front, on the bottom — this could have been worked into a good look and a good fit, too, but as it was executed, the wearing experience is sacrificed to the look of the underwear.


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