Coalision Pulls In Pull-in

Pull-in, the funky French fashion underwear brand, has just reported a merger with Coalision, a Canadian lifestyle and sports apparel company. The merger will put total sales for Coalision at $110 million, meaning that the companies in their new combined form are positioned to be a major force in the global apparel market.

“It’s an honour to officially be a part of the Coalision team – our brands are complementary with obvious strengths in each of our markets,” says Pull-in owner Emmanuel Loheac. “Personally, I have wanted to work with Bernard since I left DC Shoes, and today I am re-joining both a friend and a mentor.”

Pull-in’s underwear expertise should help fill in gaps in Coalision’s existing brands’ presences. These brands include Orage and Paradox, which make modern mountaineering outerwear, and Lolë, a women’s activewear brand. Before acquiring Pull-in,  Coalision never had significant share of the underwear market.

Bernard Mariette, President and CEO of Coalision said of the merger that “[o]ur company is strengthened in terms of brand presence, geographic synergies and its management team – all for the benefit of our customers.”

The two Francophone companies’ coalition, in addition to making a new, hefty player in the international activewear and lifestyle apparel market, now allow you to garb yourself from head to toe and inside out in one company’s garments.


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