Baskit Burns Out

Baskit is releasing a new line of underwear called Burnout for the Spring season, which we predict will spread like wildfire.

The distinguishing feature of this line will be the mottled grey coloring, which evokes images of singed shorts or narrow escapes with fire. There will be a brief ($22), a jockbrief ($21), a squarecut brief ($22), a boxer brief ($24) and a low-rise trunk ($23). And, of course, they will all feature Baskit’s signature pouch.

The blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester are treated to give a distinctive texture, and should keep you cool if the heat gets to be too much.

“The treatment process removes fibers from the fabric giving a “burned out” look…but it’s not see through and it also makes the fabric super soft,” Ken Loo, a Baskit representative, told The Underwear Expert.

We remember there was one burnout at our high school who used to wear smudged underwear like this for all to see, but despite the griminess, it did happen to be a good look. So, congrats to Baskit for having figured out how to capture and clean it. Take a look!


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