REVIEW: Diesel Fresh & Bright Brief

The Collection:
NAME: Diesel Fresh & Bright
BOTTOMS: Brief, Boxer Briefs, Trunk, Jock Strap
COLORS: Lime Green, Magenta, Light Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Red

The Man:
BRIEF WORN: Small Fresh & Bright Brief Lime Green

The Basics:
STYLE: Brief
RISE: Mid Rise
ATTRIBUTES: Cotton stretch, bright colors
FUNCTION: Everyday, athletic, going out, relaxing
FIT: True to size
RETAIL: $24.00
FABRIC: 95% cotton, 5% Elastane
LAUNDERING: Easy care machine wash, tumble dry low

The Look: Bright, clean lines, cartoonish colors. There’s a reason why their marketing campaign places these briefs on superheroes and sells it in packaging made to look like a VHS case. However, it never comes across as garish or unappealing – it’s like wearing that loud friend of yours in your pants. The proportions of the waistband to the leg material, and the rise on the back are well balanced, and the color seems to stay after repeated washings.

The Fit: Snug, but correct. It does not feel too tight, even as it closely hugs the waist. We had a little extra space in the leg openings, so this would still be good on a larger guy. The relatively uncomplicated pouch is roomy enough, though still a close enough fit to show off the goods inside. After all, what else are brightly colored briefs good for?

The Construction: We were surprised to find more than a few loose fibers on the brief, all along the expanse of fabric. After a few washes, they began to pill, and even though it was very easy just to pull them off, this was a level below what we expected from such a well-regarded brand as Diesel. Other than that, the triple-stitched seams and elastic waistband provided excellent tension, never once suggesting that Diesel’s production process needed to be retooled. Perhaps it was just a fluke bolt of uncarded cloth?

The Underwear Expert Opinion: A fun, strong contender for everyday wearing. We can see why these briefs are so popular with a hip demographic – its out-there colors and solid design seem like just the thing for a guy who cares enough to want distinctive, flattering underwear but isn’t going to spring for something too outside the box.


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