Rated M Gets App-licable


Mario Lopez’s Rated M has made a smartphone app to keep you connected with the dimpled celebrity’s brand.

The app, like many others developed for underwear manufacturers, contains a swipeable catalog of all of Rated M’s offerings. But there’s a twist: you can take a picture of yourself with your phone’s camera and “graffiti” the Rated M briefs, boxers or trunks on top, to preview how good you’ll look in them. What’s more, sharing the picture is encouraged — you are prompted to submit the picture to your Facebook or Twitter account, or with Rated M.

“We are interested in building a community that is interested in Rated M, and the app is a nice way to do that,” Andy Nipon, Creative Director of Mad Projects Industries which represents Rated M, told The Underwear Expert. “The app is expressive of the user’s personality. They could use it to create images that are funny, sexy, odd; the choice is theirs. Rated M believes that self expression is something to celebrate and the app is a part of that; the same as how you experience the product, which we hope is unique for each person.”

“If you aggregate the product, the design, the app, and Mario’s abs, you have a formidable package,” Megan Sekkas, representative for Rated M, told The Underwear Expert. “To Mario’s credit, he really is incredibly authentic and genuine; he just happens to have a rocking body and he looks amazing in his Rated M.”

The App is available free for download at your smartphone’s app store.


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