25% of British Men Change Their Underwear Less Than Twice Weekly

Ok, maybe not breaking news, but definitely appalling.  In a surprising study by Mintel, we’ve learned that a whopping three quarters (78%) of British men do NOT change their underwear every day.  Preferring to wear underwear for up to four days in a row, we’re prone to believe that maybe a quarter of British men are just… lazy?

Richard Caines, Senior Consumer Analyst at Mintel, responded to the study, “You might assume that for personal hygiene reasons everyone puts on clean underwear when they get dressed at the start of the day, yet only eight in ten men appear to be doing so.”

And what exactly would it take to get men to set their alarm clock one minute earlier in the morning in order to make time to utilize clean undies?

“It seems that the influence of a partner is a positive one when it comes to changing underwear and socks, with those who are married more likely to change their underwear on a daily basis,” Caines said.

The poll also found that 16% of men wash their clothes only when they look obviously dirty.

Read the full study here.

Photo: Corbis RF / Alamy


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