Florals for Spring…Groundbreaking!

When we think of Spring. We think of warmer weather, pastels, bunnies perhaps, and of course, this iconic line.There’s a reason this line continues to stay relevant every single year. appearing in thousands of instagram captions come March 20th. While they may not be “groundbreaking”, as Miranda Priestly would say, florals continue to be a […]

Embrace Your Inner Jock: Super Bowl Jock Strap Style Guide

Let’s play some basketball! Oh wait…Wrong sport… The Super Bowl: the one day of the year every gay man cares about football. Any excuse for a social gathering and we are sold. Of course, I think we are mostly interested in a tailgate-eqse charcuterie, perhaps a signature cocktail and of COURSE, the halftime show!  As […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Roses are Red, Boxers are Blue

Flowers and Chocolates and Jewelry. Oh No! When we think of Valentine’s Day gifts, we think of flowers, chocolate or if you’re feeling fancy, jewelry. But isn’t that all a little “been there, done that?” How can we stoke the fires of love and keep them burning in the bedroom? That is where we come […]

Underwear Hygiene

Procrastinating doing your laundry? It might be time to reconsider. Recent studies have shown that wearing underwear for more than a day will result in a build-up of bacteria that is prone to damaging your health. With 45% of American’s admitting to not changing out their underwear everyday, Underwear Expert surveyed over 3,000 participants with […]

Why is Finding the Perfect Underwear so Hard?

What makes the perfect underwear is a seemingly impossible question, which is why we’ve pushed ourselves to find an answer. Introducing the “I” By Impetus. Finding the right underwear is hard. A frustrating and exhausting experience, requiring so much research, patience, and, unfortunately, sacrifice. So much that if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s […]