teamm8’s M8 Of October: Stephen Perez

Stephen Perez

At 22 years old, Stephen Perez has already accomplished much in his dance career. His constant motivation to achieve his dreams and goals is what has made him a great M8, making him the perfect teamm8 M8 of the month for October.

This Australian-born dancer has a lot of success thus far in his young career. He has danced for wildly famous international artists Ricky Martin and Kylie Minogue, which any young dancer would kill to have the opportunity to do. He has also competed on So You Think You Can Dance Australia 2014 and placed in the top 20 dancers, another great accomplishment. Stephen has gotten to where he is by working very hard. He started dancing when he was 9-years-old. If anyone is wondering how he feels after being such an accomplished dancer, he says that his training was key: “I train and work hard to achieve my ultimate goals. The feeling of achieving something you’ve worked so hard for, and knowing that you have given your all is why i don’t give up. Also I want to enjoy the journey towards my dreams.”

Stephen has achieved so much in his young life and still has goals and dreams he wants to achieve. He also plans on pursuing an acting career, since he has always had a passion for it. He’s an explorer at heart, seeking to perform on stages and theaters all around the world. He also has a heart warming dream: he wants to eventually open a dance studio for disabled children so that he can teach them how to dance. He plans on pushing himself in order to get to the end of the finish line. His life motto is “Nothing is impossible to the one who wants it.”

This photoshoot captures Stephen’s playful, youthful personality and his strength built from being a dancer. The brick background adds texture to each image and the dark rusty red color highlights the teamm8 styles he poses in. His clever use of the stairs, gate and old wood beams as props show off his creative side and also makes these images interesting for the viewer. Stephen rocks teamm8’s activewear in his photoshoot. He shows off his dancer’s body in the the blue Muscle Tank which accentuates his shoulder muscles. As he stretches out his body and hangs on to the building, we see how much flexibility he has in the Mission Tights. These tights cling to your legs but still allow for freedom of movement while you get active. The Match Hoodie also shows off his shoulder muscles but also adds a little edge to the photoshoot. It zips up in the front and features a hood and front pockets to hold anything you’ll need while you go on your morning run.

Which teamm8 style do you like best on Stephen Perez? Do you follow your dreams like Stephen does? What’s your biggest dream? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Model Credit: Stephen Perez

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