Garçon Model Jockstraps Arrive In Miami

Garçon Model jockstraps are here! The brand brings energetic designs of the Miami Collection to this athletic underwear style. They use the same colors, now paired with matching sueded legstraps. But rather than creating looks for athletic support, Garçon Model jockstraps are “best described as classic meets fashion.” Like all things GM, the jocks are vibrant and built with a high-end construction.

Jockstraps don’t usually have this much panache.They register as trendy before sporty. For that reason, Garçon Model jockstraps are great for the fashionable man, and absolutely perfect for any stylish athletes out there. Created with an 82% nylon, 18% elastane fabric, the jockstraps feature a hang-free design with a double ply contour pouch, free of cups and padding. It’s all the coverage the look provides. Then around the back, the rear straps are made wide to prevent pinching and discomfort.

The waistbands stay true to the rest of the Miami Collection. They’re wide and bold, the brand’s logo hinting at what we already know. This is an underwear look by Garçon Model. Styled with verve and vitality, Garçon Model jockstraps reinvent fitness-friendly cuts by introducing them to fashion-forward design.

Have you been waiting for Garçon Model jockstraps to be a thing? Which of the Miami Collection’s designs do you think translated into the best jock? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Garçon Model

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