Celebrate Cocksox 8th Birthday With 20+ Pics Of Past Campaigns

Cocksox 8th Birthday

This month, Australian underwear brand, Cocksox, celebrated its 8th birthday. The brand launched its “no rings, no strings” male enhancement underwear collection in 2006. Their collection changed the way a lot of people wore their underwear.

Cocksox is a family affair. It was first conceptualized by Nadiah Kanawaty Christensen, who saw a need in the men’s underwear industry for sexy, quality underwear. Nadiah, who had 15 years of experience, teamed up with her partner, now husband, Nigel Christensen. Nigel named the brand Cocksox. Though a somewhat surprising name at first, it perfectly captures the sexy, fun, and provocative nature of the underwear. Since its inception, Nadiah’s siblings have also joined the team.

Celebrate Cocksox 8th Birthday with the gallery below, displaying photos from the brand throughout the year. Which is your favorite shoot? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: via Cocksox

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