The Bread & Boxers Briefs Are Your Bread And Butter!


The Bread & Boxers Briefs ($18) are what we consider “essentials.” Think about it: you’re off to the grocery store for the basics. You get eggs. Milk. Bread. Are you wearing some frilly, over-designed, non-functional pair of briefs? No, you’re wearing something comfortable. Something stylish but reliable. If you’re not wearing Bread & Boxers Briefs, then you should be. They are perfect for everything, from the most basic supply trip to a late night of dancing.

Made from 94% cotton and 6% elastane, the main focus of the Bread & Boxers Briefs is comfort and durability. The front panel is double layered for functionality and protection. A center seam runs down the pouch with secondary seams running the inside lines of your hips. Bread & Boxers Briefs are part of the company’s globalist mentality. Designed in Sweden and produced in India, these comfortable undies have seen the world. In them you could too! They come in three colors: white, black, and grey mélange

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The Bread & Boxers Briefs available in sizes S-XL.

For more information on this brand: Bread & Boxers

Photo Credit: Bread & Boxers

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