Americas Next Top Model Men in Underwear!

In anticipation of the cycle 20 premiere this week, we rounded up some of the best shots of Americas Next Top Model men in their underwear. Of course, we’ve been on high alert since Tyra announced the long-running show would finally open its doors to male models, and we’re hoping for some downright wild underwear sightings this season.

Based on cycles past (and some photos released for fan voting during filming), we’re already anticipating photo shoots involving chain-link tops, paint splattering, and of course wild animal make-up and undies on the jungle floor (yeah, we’re pretty excited about that one too).

The men of cycle 20 certainly look ready to bring it, though we’re still not sure Tyra is serious about possibly handing over the crown to a contestant packing more than fishnets underneath his bikini. In any case, there’s nothing quite like co-ed house drama—especially among the young and beautiful—so we’re looking forward to a cycle like never before.

From tighty whities to the aforementioned chain-link tops and splattered paint, we pulled up an array of photos of the young male contestants, and we’re ready to watch them play the game. Check out the Americas Next Top Model men in their undies below and let us know if you think they’ve got a chance to snatch the crown out from under their competitor’s acrylic nails!

Photo Credits: Maryana Hordeychuk, Facebook, JByrd Photography, Quintin Perez and Ron Erick Odchigue.

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