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More About Stonemen
Stonemen is not just a brand that hurls out their line and waits for a response. Stonemen Underwear reacts in tandem, producing a collection that is comfortable enough to appease any man, stylish enough to be seen in (a few) public places, and in a nutshell? Stonemen is amazing.

Initiated by three friends searching for the perfect product, Stonemen has made a splash in the men’s undergarment business, bringing quality craftsmanship and an attentiveness to design that cannot be denied. Fashion forward men’s apparel? Say it ain’t so! But Stonemen is indeed that, and their unique take via prints on their boxers and more will have you convinced of how dedicated Stonemen are to crafting quality men’s apparel that the general public can truly support via word of mouth and online. And with a unique marketing campaign, the women in the men’s lives that support Stonemen can also get in on the action. This is a fresh marketing approach that only can be the brainchild of a small company — Stonemen — eager to set themselves apart from a traditional perspective. In this way, Stonemen Underwear delivers.