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Obviously Underwear: Boxers, Thongs & More

Obviously underwear doesn’t feel like underwear. Now before you think that’s a bad thing, let us explain. The Obviously brand offers a fit that feels incredibly natural. So natural that it’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. With designs and materials specifically intended to provide a luxurious, comfortable wear with ample support, Obviously’s men’s underwear feels relaxed and laidback when you put a pair on.

Obviously uses a fabric blend of a super-soft micro modal and elastane. So, whether you’re wearing a brief or a thong, they move with you. The fabric provides an incredibly soft, silky hand-feel that feels great to wear all day.

Obviously men's underwear is known for the support it provides, particularly in its anatomically correct pouch. Using the latest tailoring techniques, Obviously ensures that you get the right amount of support where it counts. So if you’re the type of guy who’s looking for a brand that is extraordinary then Obviously is, obviously, the brand to look into.