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Es Collection: Men's Thongs

A Spanish company, ES Collection underwear, got its start in 2006 in Barcelona. After gaining quick success, they were able to expand across Europe to the UK, Italy, France, Germany, and Denmark. They also were able to expand to the US, Canada, Russia, Japan, and Mexico. They currently have over 30 boutiques in major cities and are sold with 200 other points of sale worldwide. ES Collection underwear has also appeared in several fashion weeks, including Barcelona Fashion Week 2018. While starting as just a men's swimwear retailer, they now offer so much more, like casual wear, athletic attire, cosmetics, and of course, underwear. They carry innovative products of the highest quality. 

The technology used in their design sets them apart from other brands. They were able to create the patented "pack up" cup. This foam cup helps to improve the shape and overall aesthetic of your male attributes. Another innovative design is the "push-up" pouch. Added elastic in the pouch of the underwear provides a natural lift for a larger look. In the interest of sustainability, ES Collection underwear also offers some of its favorite designs in recycled fabrics in a commitment to going green. Certain garments utilize their "eco-wave" technology and contain thread made from plastic bottles from the Mediterranean Sea. 

Whether it be their innovation or commitment to shrinking their carbon footprint, you can slip on a pair of ES Collection underwear and feel sexy, comfortable, and proud.

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