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More About Smuggling Duds
Smuggling Duds is a brand that gives off a personal vibe, fits the wearer’s approach to life, and provides premium comfort. Sounds good, right? Smuggling Duds Underwear is a unique brand that understands the “new man” is not his father’s generation and is looking to set himself apart from the mold. Smuggling Duds does just that, specializing in pieces that are comprised of 95% cotton and 5% elastane for a comfort and feel that is just right. Smuggling Duds also includes their signature pouch for a few essentials you may want to stash away.

From trunks to boxers to briefs, to boxer briefs and more, Smuggling Duds celebrates national pride through each piece. Nearly every country is accounted for, from Jamaica to Australia and all nations in between. How much pride do you have for your country? Smuggling Duds is a brand that is finding out how deep men are willing to go for their homeland, one piece at a time.