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More About Sleepy Jones
Sleepy Jones has an innovative perspective when it comes to designing their line of underwear. They are more interested in the artistic canvas to present the full package. This brand offers a European mantra that has quickly caught on in the men’s undergarment world, their company renowned for their “underwear masterpieces.” They have redefined the word “loungewear,” offering luxurious, comfortable, and cozy styles. This brand has done this through a marketing campaign that turns brand into lifestyle.

Sleepy Jones has a line that takes their loungewear and extends to briefs, traditional boxers, boxer briefs, and beyond. One thing they don’t do is boring, and along with their stylish pieces comes quality fit and craftsmanship. If you’re in Sleepy Jones gear, you know you’re in good hands. Established by well known designer Andy Spade and inspired by artists, this is a line that has set out to revolutionize the men’s undergarment market, one great pair of undies at a time.