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More About Skmpeez
Skmpeez seeks to offer men a sensual option in underwear. The brand’s slogan is “put your sexy on!” and as soon as you slip on a pair, sexy is exactly how you feel. “Sure, not many people see your underwear besides yourself and that special someone,” according to the brand, “but with how often you wear them, make sure they’re sexy and comfortable at the same time!”

Skmpeez offers a range of briefs and boxer briefs in widespread colors to add that pop to your outfit. Bright yellows and deep blues are only a few of the color options that Skmpeez offers. For those who don’t dare to dabble in color, pairs are available in solid black and white. Color of underwear varies, but cuts and fabric blends remain consistent within Skmpeez underwear types. A fabric blend of 90% cotton and 10% spandex guarantees comfort and hold, while providing a snug fit and an appealing silhouette. Each pair of underwear features the brand’s logo or Skmpeez printed on a 1.5- or 2-inch wide waistband.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Skmpeez originally sold swimwear solely but has since expanded into underwear. The company began after two friends went off on a vacation but had trouble finding the right swimsuit. After extensive searching and finally purchasing a not-so-great suit, the duo decided it was their turn. They figured they could design sexy, yet classic, and well fitting swimsuits for men everywhere. Skmpeez offers several styles of swimwear including euros, bands, squares and shorts. The brand contains several bold swimsuit prints and designs for when you want to dress to impress to the beach.