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More About Piss & Vinegar
Piss & Vinegar is a youthfully stylish men’s underwear brand in Canada that was founded in 2009 by Jason Sutherland, who helped launch the Ginch Gonch underwear brand in 2003. Based in Montreal, Piss & Vinegar is British slang for living young at heart.

The brand’s underwear line is designed for the bold guy who appreciates what life has to offer and works hard to live it to its fullest. In other words: “Piss & Vinegar is for men who grab life by the balls,” according to the brand. In its marketing campaign, the brand playfully asks men “you think you have enough?”; it’s a double entendre referring to a guy’s fortitude to compete and his ability to fill his briefs.

Piss & Vinegar offers a colorful array of briefs, boxer briefs, low-rise briefs and jock straps. The brand regularly includes wide microfiber elastic logo waistbands and bold scripted Piss & Vinegar logos for its collections.

Made from a breathable, body-conforming stretch fabric of 94% Su Pima cotton and 6% lycra, the first collection from Piss & Vinegar was the “I Love…” collection, which included the controversial “I Love Jesus” underwear. The briefs featured the image of Jesus Christ on the front and the words “Jesus Loves Me” on the rear.

Sutherland further shook things up with his Valentine’s Day collection that featured the “I Love Girls” briefs for men, and the “I Love Boys” briefs — also for men. “When living life with Piss & Vinegar,” said Sutherland, “it doesn’t matter who you love, only that you love with everything you’ve got.”