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More About Paul Smith Underwear
A name this common must mean one of two things: either everyone knows it, or everyone soon will. Paul Smith Underwear is a brand that may seem normal and ordinary, but in fact, is far from it. The line, British made, is now worldwide, internationally acclaimed, and sure to win over those that have not ventured into their form-fitting range of undergarments. This is a brand full of passion, drive, and determination, that is sure to turn the men’s undergarment industry on its head.

From meager beginnings in 1970, they’ve formed into a global brand. Now firmly established at home, in Europe, and further abroad, Paul Smith Underwear boasts 14 different collections, which traipse the fine line of pop culture and proper fit. From jewelry to books, art, and beyond, Paul Smith has merged all worlds into one formidable brand that has taken the classic, re-fashioned it, and served it up. From Los Angeles to Hong Kong, this label is everywhere, so there’s no excuse not to be wearing them.