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More About Pants to Poverty
Inspired by the work of South African leader Nelson Mandela, Pants to Poverty (pants meaning “underwear” in the UK) has added to the global initiative of change uniquely through the world of underwear. Through its underwear sales and activism, Pants to Poverty works consistently to provide a voice against environmental abuse, as well as injustice and growing poverty.

“With climate chaos, the global financial meltdown and growing poverty around the world, the consequences of doing nothing are terrifying,” the brand said in a statement, “but we prove that doing something amazing can be easy, fun and even sexy!” Starting with the simple act of packaging underwear in recycled boxing, Pants to Poverty truly sticks to its very unique and very conscious mission. We even wrote about the brand as one of our most eco-friendly picks, since all of its underwear is  made with certified organic and Fairtrade cotton.

In addition simply to making and selling its underwear, Pants to Poverty donates some profits to fund an anti-child labor initiative in the Indian communities where its factories are based. Even with the amount of good Pants to Poverty does for the developing world, the brand’s underwear is first rate.

With high-quality organic cotton, Pants to Poverty underwear collections feel amazing and its designs are pretty eye-catching as well. Featuring all sorts of colors, patterns, stripes and styled waistbands, wearing Pants to Poverty is just an all around win-win.