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More About Pact Underwear
Pact Underwear, a forward-thinking organic cotton apparel brand for men and women, combines design, comfort and sustainable materials with support for social and environmental causes. Pact Underwear, which embodies the motto: “Change Starts With Your Underwear,” invests a portion of its revenue into a partnered social enterprise and works to build awareness among customers.

Founded in 2006 by two Berkeley college students, including Jeff Denby, as a business school project, Pact Underwear offers a variety of multicolored styles and trendy prints for men. The brand’s men’s underwear collection consists of three styles: brief, boxer brief and trunk. From stripes to plaid, Pact Underwear provides an array of color options. The brand also offers a range of socks, crew neck T-shirts and V-neck T-Shirts. Pact Underwear introduces new styles and collections inspired by a social mission or non-profit organizations throughout the year.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are built into the company’s product and the business model. Made from organic cotton, the Pact Underwear line is manufactured within a network of factories that make organic clothing in sweat-shop-free facilities. The brand’s socks, for example, are made with organic yarns at an eco-concept factory in Turkey powered by wind energy. From growing and harvesting organic cotton to the final sewing, the company goes to great lengths to ensure its entire supply chain is as clean and responsible as possible.

All Pact Underwear packaging is printed with vegetable based inks on paper made from Forest Stewardship Council-controlled wood in a factory powered by wind energy and the carbon impact is off set by Climate Partner.