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More About Jake Joseph
Founded in 2008 by Jake Joseph himself in Austin, Texas, Jake Joseph Underwear targets anyone who appreciates quality.  The brand, which focuses around classic yet modern designs, believes the loyalty of it’s customers revolves around a dedication to quality.

What’s most important to Jake Joseph is quality. The brand’s underwear fabrics and made to remain snug with every wash, providing a true fit with each and every wear. Also boasting a multi-directional stretch and extremely resilient fit, Jake Joseph Underwear promises their underwear will feel like a new pair every time you put them on.

While the look of Jake Joseph Underwear is totally modern, the brand doesn’t try to impress with fancy logos or other sorts of bells and whistles. Inspired by a “modernized twist on classic styles,” the brand’s underwear designs are bold, simple and clean.

Available in only all black and all white, the brand’s underwear collection comes in brief, boxer brief and trunk, as well as 100% cotton boxer short, which comes in a few colored patterns. The cotton boxer short innovates with features such as dual snap buttons for fastening as well as side venting and a seamless backside to promote comfort and easier movement.

Made with a bamboo viscose, the Jake Joseph brief, boxer brief, and trunk fabric provides great comfort and is made to increase your underwear’s lifespan. Jake Joseph Underwear is built to last, and grow on you like in the same a way a well- made button-up shirt or pair of jeans would.