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More About Amat
Leading photographer Amat Nimipark is known for his unique celebrity images and style of fashion shots. He captures men’s sex appeal using the right lines and hues and it is this aesthetic that carries over in Amat underwear. Through his brand, Amat is able to provide men with the support they need while still displaying the latest of trends. Also available under Amat is a book of seductive male portraits captured by Mr. Nimipark himself.

On top of being a quality underwear provider, Amat also offers swimwear and ready-to-wear options. The brand’s highest seller is its denim collection consisting of a bikinis, trunks, and t-shirts all made of comfortable micro modal fabric. Other fabrics the brand uses include cotton because of its cool, breathable feel and elastic support. The brand also offers a classic all white collection of various cuts including unique c-skin briefs and trunks.

Amat offers various designs and colors in order to guarantee consumers a large pool to choose from. Through this approach, the brand ensures that there will be a style for everyone. The fashion collection includes several styles including boxers of varying lengths, bikini styles featuring high leg cuts and even G-strings for men who seek a bold, sexy choice. Amat also offers thermal leggings, t-shirts, tank tops and pajama suits.

Today, Amat continues to be a leading photographer and underwear distributor in Thailand. His brand continues to grow and expand into the Asian market with retailers offering the underwear in Bangkok and Tokyo.