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More About Alpha + Omega
A hometown – and now global – favorite of men that know underwear, Alpha + Omega have refashioned the concept of impeccable design in men’s fashion. The Sydney-based company is produced by the dynamic duo of Richard Soutter and Jonathan Tyson, who have taken men’s underwear to an entirely new era and dimension from which it will never return.

Based out of Australia, this brand proves that no one knows how to give attention to your “down under” than the Aussies from the Land Down Under. When you are wearing Alpha + Omega Underwear, you may barely even notice, as the garments act almost as a second skin using select, superior materials like lycra and cotton. Customers never know what to expect from this brand, and that is exactly how they like it.

Alpha + Omega Online offers their entire stock of exceptionally flashy products that lend credence to the notion that their line is for men that are avid collectors of the eye-catching. Their designs are so unique that you won’t forget their bold logo or the snug fit they provide. The site provides an impressive collection of trunks, briefs, jockstraps, and so much more.