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More About Alan Red
Alan Red is best known internationally for its quality white t-shirts that offer a classic touch—similar to the brand’s underwear collection which also emphasizes old-school comfort. The brand seeks to offer consumers something that is instantly recognizable. Classic 1950s masculinity is a reoccurring theme that appears throughout Alan Red. Product names include the names of cities as well as references to the epitome of 1950s rugged masculinity, James Dean.

Offering over 15 different styles of T-shirts, Alan Red sets out to bring a fit for men of all shapes and sizes. Alan Red presents boxer briefs and briefs with distinct cuts to counter the uniform fabric and color. All underwear products offer a sharp white tone and are made from 100% cotton. Using only high quality cotton, the brand guarantees a smooth feel and shape retaining fabrics. Alan Red spins its own yarn and knits, dyes, and cuts their own fabrics at the company’s factories in Italy.

Alan Red originated from the MAGIR Company, which was founded in Varese, Italy in 1940 as a clothing producer for other brands. After more than 50 years producing clothes, MAGIR Company owner Andrea Rossi launched Alan Red in 1996. The brand quickly established itself as a top seller for men’s white t-shirts because of their quality and emphasis on white t-shirts.

Today, the brand has an office in Amsterdam, Holland and production still takes place in Varese, Italy. New cuts, colors and fabrics are released twice per year although the Alan Red white T-shirts remain the same.