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More About Activeman
For men that remain active on the court, the ring, or even in the gym, Activeman underwear is the brand to beat. Activeman is available in every color of the rainbow from lace jockstraps to mesh pouches, Activeman has a collection that not only provides a snug fit and amazing function, but enough style and contouring to fit any man’s personal tastes. Activeman is known for their attractive line that pushes the envelope to a new frontier. Activeman’s range of quality garments has earned them a loyal following in the sports world.

Producing a line that extends beyond underwear to include briefs, thongs, jockstraps and more, Activeman proudly boasts their American manufacturing, using natural fibers as well as polyester blend, spandex and more — promising a snug, form-fitting feel that will have a long shelf life in your drawers.

Without a doubt, men that are actively training demand protection and support that the typical undergarments usually do not provide. Activeman has been around for years doing what they do better than most brands in the market – offering a range and selection that is diverse enough to appeal to many tastes, with enough flair to leave them wanting more. For men searching for that perfect, fine woven underwear that moves as they move, Activeman is a collection to experience.