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There are over 200 men’s underwear brands across the globe, and The Underwear Expert has VIP access to nearly all of them. Providing in-depth coverage of new releases, campaigns and other men’s underwear brands’ information, we are the ultimate authority in the men’s underwear industry. Often working hand-in-hand with owners and creative directors of the many men’s underwear brands themselves, our information is guaranteed to be informative and accurate, as well as exceptionally in-depth.

The men’s underwear industry is more diverse now than ever before. There are men’s underwear brands on every continent, and they flourish in every metropolitan area in the world. The designs that these men’s underwear brands release are an indicator of changing tastes in men’s underwear and fashion in general. These brands are experimenting with shape, color, design and cuts like never before resulting in an explosion of men’s underwear styles and tastes. The Underwear Expert keeps up with all of the men’s underwear brands you want to know about.

In our men’s underwear brands’ coverage, you’ll find:

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